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Community Solutions Podcast

Mar 10, 2022 Our public schools have become evangelists for the equity doctrine. It's not good enough to have equal opportunities, because you have to have equal outcomes. Our school districts are spending tens and hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars on hiring Equity Consultants like Equity Alliance MN. They come in to do an "equity audit", to show you just how racist your school is. There's good news though, after they find out how racist your district is, they just happen to have the solution too. Problem... reaction... solution. These groups get tons of money from groups like the Bush Foundation, the McKnight Foundation, and the St Paul Foundation. Why do they need so much of your tax money, when the foundations are funding them?

We share one of their parent surveys with you right on the air to show you how they use these questions to make a case to sell their own solutions to the school district.

We also give our take on the early stages of the Ukrainian/Russian war. Don't worry, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are on the case! We're all doomed.

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