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Community Solutions Podcast

Mar 14, 2019 School Boards are possibly one of the most overlooked and over-excused elected bodies of government. We continue to elect the same union-endorsed people to office over and over. They can call for a tax-raising referendum whenever they want, and almost always get what they ask for. Do we know what we are really getting for our hard earned dollars? What are the Minnesota graduation standards? Are graduation rates even improving? How are the standardized test scores? These are serious questions, if it is as they say "all for the kids". The truth is, they waste a ton of that money on touchy-feely, "I'm ok, you're ok" kind of propaganda. (No, we're not advocating for bullying, because the truth is that much of the anti-bullying crowd uses bullying tactics to force their will upon the majority.) Instead of teaching vital skills that could be used to prepare our kids for their future, we turn out a bunch of confused adolescents that really aren't sure where to go from here. Our public schools have failed us, and it's high time for a new model, created by someone in the private sector that doesn't feed at the trough of government-run education. That is not a knock on teachers. This system is rotten from the inside. We need to stop the child mill from churning, and we need to do it now, before we lose an entire generation to the idiocy coming out of our public schools.

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