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Community Solutions Podcast

May 4, 2019 Why does a certain political persuasion keep trying to mess with our voting system? There is a coordinated effort to undermine our election process. The National Popular Vote people want to eliminate the electoral college and put all of the power in the hands of a few large cities. Ranked Choice Voting complicates our process, and often just cements the reign of the majority party. I would even argue that early voting doesn't allow people to get fully informed, and people make a decision before all of the facts are in. It's this move to allow all these other groups through the gate, however, that could tip the balances in a hurry. Liberals are pushing to allow felons (who are still in prison) and illegal immigrants into the ballot box. They also want to allow 16 and 17 year olds to vote, when most of them can't even tell you how our political system works or what the constitution says. This will have a huge affect on our cities as well. In cities that hold prisons, eligible voters could be as much as doubled. You can also almost assure a majority of people vote. There are so many things that we're just not thinking about. We need to include everyone that is old enough to understand our process (and life) a little bit in our election, but cannot include people who do not and those that are unqualified to vote in American elections. That is not voter suppression. Our founders knew exactly how to preserve the constitutional republic they set up. We are not a democracy, and should not be run as one. Again, our founders knew that a pure democracy always devolves into chaos... and then authoritarianism over time. We need to be vigilant during this time more than ever.

We also talk about the ongoing struggle around the naming of Lake Calhoun (Bde Maka Ska). The people who live there don't want the new name, but the state government (and the City of Minneapolis) feel differently about it. They believe that (former Vice President) John C Calhoun was a racist, and that the name needed to be changed back to the original name from the Native Americans. Yet, the folks from Minneapolis keep voting for the people that do this. Don't ask us... we just live here.

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