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Community Solutions Podcast

Jun 28, 2019 In the last election, Hennepin County decided that it wasn't radical enough. It elected four new county commissioners, all worse than the terrible ones they replaced: Irene Fernando, Marion Green, Angela Conley, and Debbie Goettel. They were endorsed by radical special interests and unions. They also received partisan endorsements for nonpartisan races. They are pushers of equity in transit, housing, and social programs. We find out, however, that while they support transit for others, they prefer to drive. We find out which one of the new commissioners started out on welfare and became commissioner, which would be a great success story, had she not worked for the government the entire 20 years in between. With these guys it's always about sustainability, the war on cars, mass transit, social justice etc., etc... It's more of the same, except that the players are more extreme. While it may not be happening to these degrees, we see similar trends in counties across Minnesota. It's time we start paying attention to county races across the state and get involved.

We also discuss a couple of documentaries that Andrew watched about the conspiracy theories around the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy. While we believe the official version of the events, we have fun to talking about the other stories that are out there, and ask whether we can trust our eyes and ears anymore with the technology that is around the corner.

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