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Community Solutions Podcast

Mar 8, 2020 Our laws are supposed to provide equal justice for the poor, rich, black, white, tall, short, long haired, or short haired. Have you noticed lately that certain groups of people get away with all sorts of wrong? There is a conscious effort to give a reprieve to certain groups of people when they break the rules. People in power believe that by practicing an unequal enforcement of the law, it will level the playing field for the less fortunate. Many cities are starting not to charge fares on public transit at all, so as to decriminalize those that refuse to pay. California is trying to sue any of its cities that cooperate with ICE. The Dallas County Attorney is not prosecuting theft of items under $750. These kinds of allowances only encourage more crime and the further breakdown of our society. Good people need to finally stand up and get involved in order to reverse harmful trends like this.

We also discuss the results of our predictions on the Iowa caucus and what we think is coming up next among the field of Democratic presidential candidates.

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