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Community Solutions Podcast

Mar 22, 2020 We're full on in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the United States and we're on it! The government is poised and ready to amass a ton of power in the name of helping us overcome this pandemic. Never fear, the government is here! Governor Walz has been talking about following California and implement a shelter in place order that would punish those that venture out. He's still on the fence at the time of this writing. This is going to have some huge local impacts and we're here to tell you all about them!  

Our economy is suffering big time as so many people are losing their jobs or being laid off. No one is buying our 30 year Treasury bonds. People are hoarding the supplies that are getting to the stores. It's a jungle out there. Cities and counties are declaring emergencies and doing crazy things. County attorneys are discussing releasing criminals from jail because the outbreak is sweeping through the jails. Mayors in New Orleans and Champagne, IL declare that they can ban the sales of firearms, ammunition, and alcohol. To make the Illinois measure even worse, they reserve the right to close restaurants, shut off access to power and water, take property and the title to said property, and more. It's pretty much the worst we've seen. Back home in Silver Bay, MN, the council voted to give city staff the ability to make decisions in lieu of the city council. We're still early in this thing, so there's a whole lot of bad left to uncover. Stay tuned here, because like we already said... we're on top of it!

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