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Community Solutions Podcast

Apr 12, 2020 Come rain, snow, or CoronaVirus, we here at Community Solutions MN are dedicated to bringing you a fresh, new episode of the podcast. This state is tracking your cell phone data. They set up an East German, Stasi-like tip line on which to report your neighbors for congregating. It's like a race to see who can be the biggest tough guy. Edina's city manager is urging people to call the tip line when they see people who aren't social distancing. How can we have a society where neighbors trust each other, but fear being turned in for something? The mayor of Los Angeles is even going as far as praising and rewarding these little social spies.

Otter Tail County (and other counties) is telling people not to bother coming to their cabins for the summer. This will destroy their economy. Minneapolis has already shut down their public beaches and pools for the summer. Remember a couple of weeks ago when our illustrious Governor said that he doesn't want to arrest people or give fines that aren't at home? Well, we have 10 so far, and cities are starting to threaten to do more of it. In San Diego, people were fined $1,000 for watching the sunset. What? We have to start to speak up, because government is learning from us what we are willing to take. Governments are going around open meeting laws and quorums to make decisions. That's despotic behavior.  They are using the emergency to come against the 1st and second amendments of the constitution. Politicians with an ax to grind are coming against churches that are meeting, even with taking proper social distancing precautions. Bill DeBlasio has threatened to close the doors of churches permanently. The time to stand for our rights is right now. Once they think they can suspend them once, they will do it again.

We also break down the latest press conference from Governor Walz, extending our "Stay at Home" order until May 4th. His numbers don't seem to make sense. His plan seems to be overkill for the results we are seeing. 

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