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Community Solutions Podcast

Nov 30, 2020 

Just when you think that they can't ruin Minneapolis any further, they go and do it. Never underestimate this city council's ability to make the wrong decision every single time. This time along with their little brother, St Paul, they have dropped the speed limit to 20 mph on residential streets. They had recently dropped the speed limits from 30 to 25, and now they reduce it even more.

Thanks to the world-wide special interest group, 20 is Plenty, cities like Seattle, Tacoma, Denver, and Boulder have been busy reducing speed limits around the country. They have progressively criminalized drivers, and dropping the speed limit is just one more way to do it. This is just another nanny state measure to try and protect us from ourselves and get more cars off of the roads by making the act of driving completely untenable.

They try to say that it's a racial issue and that it will help reduce carbon emissions (again, because they think people will get frustrated and stop driving). It has become a new social justice issue. In fact, portions of Washington D.C. will lower portions of the city to 15 mph. When is enough enough? Better yet... how do you keep this out of your city?

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