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Community Solutions Podcast

Dec 9, 2020 It's been a little while since we've done a Local Lowdown show. It's important that we know what the cities of this state are up to, because it could very well mean that we will begin to see these things pop up in other cities.

Plymouth has proposed a 6.9% property tax increase. What will this tax hike get you? You will be funding six new full time positions, including a "diversity, equity, and inclusion coordinator". You might not be working, but at least someone else is employed and you are footing the bill.

Golden Valley is removing their crime-free housing initiative. According to the MN Crime Prevention Association, the program gives multi-unit housing complexes a certification based on a three-step program that is meant to stop and deter crime on their grounds. Golden Valley has decided that it wants to weaken the participation of multi-unit housing managers and owners, because it's unfair to those that want to break the law and make everyone else feel unsafe.

Hennepin County attorney, Mike Freeman, said that he is not going to request bail for such low level crimes as theft of up to $35,000, property damage, possession of burglary tools, and identity theft. What about repeat offenders? A lot of these crimes were selected to get Minneapolis' rioters off the hook without any kind of accountability for their actions.

New Hope is raising taxes, yet again, and is celebrating that it's only a half-million dollar raise over last year's monumental tax increase... and they couldn't even afford a mobile-friendly website.

We also cover a couple of the outstanding House races in Iowa and New York. In the Empire State, they found 55 ballots, in a race where the Republican was ahead by 12 votes. I'm sure it's all super fair. We follow the discussion right into redistricting and what may happen in Minnesota, as we look forward to shifting our congressional districts around again, so that those that don't stand up for us anyway, can continue to stay in power.

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