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Community Solutions Podcast

Dec 30, 2020 The Federal Government is teetering on the edge of signing a COVID relief bill that will supposedly send checks to American families. All the while, Minnesota passed their own COVID relief bill and no one seems to want to tell us what's in it. The MN Senate passed it 62-4, so it must be good. $88 million will go to bars, restaurants, and bowling alleys... but there are strings. Who knows where all of that will end up going? $14 million will be used for grants to movie theaters. $145 million will got to hotels, museums. arcades, and live theater venues. Counties will get tens of millions to hand out as they see fit. $26 million will go to Hennepin County alone. These programs have tons of stipulations and biases built in. Will the people that really need the money get it?

The Federal COVID relief package is even worse. It's a $2.3 billion boondoggle (not including the National Defense Authorization spending bill). It's 5500 pages, and doles out millions of dollars for Sudan, Cameroon, gender programs in Pakistan... this is COVID relief for our citizens? How does our Senate approve the original bill with a $600 payment for every citizen, and not approve the $2000 payment? They are ok with all of the foreign payments, but not the domestic ones? This is insanity!

Jason flips the script on Andrew, by quizzing him on important historical events on Christmas days of yore. Does Andrew know his history? We also break down the recent article written by Andrew, where he ponders whether the new MN Legislature will strip Governor Walz of his emergency powers in January.

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