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Community Solutions Podcast

Jan 11, 2021 Light Rail has been DOA for the last number of years in the Twin Cities. The Bottineau and South West lines have received immense pushback against their routes. In fact, Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railroad has refused to sell the land to Hennepin County. The geniuses at Hennepin County spent $129 million of taxpayer dollars to plan and do environmental studies for a line that they never had a deal to build. Now they have admitted that a deal with BNSF will not be reached.

The project should be dead in the water now, but guess what? They are going to start researching the matter all over again in a hope to move the track in a new direction. That's the problem with government. Nothing ever goes away. All of the usual corporate and government suspects are back at the table begging for handouts so they can start the process all over again. It's wasteful. It's being tone deaf. It's prideful. Stop and listen to the people that elected you. An election isn't like winning a shopping spree at the bad policy store. It's okay to check in with all of your constituents and put people before party.

We review the latest blue line survey, where we prove that government surveys are always slanted. They never ask "if" you want their bad ideas... only "how" you'd like them to cram it down your throat.

Also Andrew and Jason take turns ranting. Andrew puts himself on the therapist's couch as he discusses his fascination with Dr. Phil and the "Catch Me Outside" girl. He also is perturbed about the disaster we know as the distribution of the COVID vaccine. Jason's rant is one for the ages... and I think he covered everybody. This show is devolving fast.

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