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Community Solutions Podcast

Jan 19, 2021 The MN Department of Education has decided that it is time to revise the state Social Studies benchmarks that define the standards that students need to graduate. WWI, WWII, the rise and fall of communism/socialism, the holocaust, the Civil War, and the Revolutionary War were all missing from the World/American History benchmarks. They are gutting Minnesota history by silencing how Minnesotans have dealt with some of the various wars we have fought in. They also have cut out the agricultural revolution... which is a strange choice of omissions. The work of Norman Borlaug ended up feeding the world. The claims of overpopulation due to his work are Malthusian attempts at pushing eugenics to reduce the world's population.

There are a number of new benchmarks around teaching students about the systemic racism that makes white children privileged, and other children unprivileged. It requires that teachers instruct about about "Manifest Destiny and its relation to whiteness, Christianity, and capitalism". Another benchmark states that students must learn about how the U.S. stole land from indigenous people and Mexico. It The system that says that white people are racist is trying to push its own brand of racism. White people are the source of all society's ills, and our children are being taught these dangerous ideas are truth, when its a complete distortion. Critical theory is about to become hardwired into our children's Social Studies curriculum for the foreseeable future.

The new standards also require students to learn about activism and how to be an activist. Teachers must teach about gender identity and LGBTQ issues. Subjects like inequity in economics and the perils of climate change are also sprinkled in for good measure. What chance do our children have if they are all going to be inundated with all of this propaganda that is meant to tear down our society, so they can build one of their choosing? In their eyes, an entire of generation our children is an acceptable cost for their delusional dystopian nightmare.

30.6 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine have been distributed across the country. 11.1 million have been administered. 513,800 doses have been received in Minnesota, but only 179,684 (or 35%)n have been administered. South Dakota has administered 61%. North Dakota has administered 62%. Connecticut, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Hampshire, Texas and others are way ahead of us. Then our Governor has the gall to complain that we don't have enough doses. Are we the only ones tired of the showboating and the dishonesty?

We also discuss the new "America's Rescue Plan". There's money for everybody! Well... not for you, but for adult dependents, mixed immigration households, renters, and homelessness. Good luck to you if you're not one of those.

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