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Community Solutions Podcast

Jan 27, 2021 Whelp... the St Paul City Council has unanimously decided to form a Slavery Reparations Commission. They feel that St Paul taxpayers owe something to African Americans because there were slaves held at Fort Snelling (which was federal land), even though no slaves were ever held in St Paul. They also want to give tax money to residents that used to live in the Rondo neighborhood when I-94 came through and changed the neighborhood. It has nothing to do with slavery at all, yet people that have never owned slaves are expected to pay people that never were slaves.

This approach sells minorities short. There are so many smart and talented people that are told that they can't achieve in America, and it's just wrong. Yet, the same party continues to offer the same hopelessness as they offer a pittance in exchange for their votes. They deserve so much more success than this.

There are so many cities that are doing the same exact thing as St.Paul: Chicago, Evanston, Detroit, Asheville, Wilmington, Burlington, and many, many more. What does it mean when multiple cities are doing the same thing? Usually, it means that some group is behind it. When you can't get something passed at the federal level, you go after the city councils across the nation. Enter the U.S. conference of mayors. They had a conference last year that produced a resolution to promote the passage of ordinances that establish the awarding of reparations to black Americans across the nation. This is not an organic movement, and if you don't stand up now, this will be the law of the land in most places.

The vaccine is here! And Governor Walz has messed up the distribution. Surprise, surprise, surprise... Also, This Day In History is back, as Andrew reminds everyone how terrible Jason is with historical dates.

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