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Community Solutions Podcast

Feb 8, 2021 There are some really dumb laws. No, I mean there are some really stupid laws. It is illegal to frown in Pocatello, Idaho. Ummm... what? Who thinks of this stuff? You can't bite your landlord in Rumford, ME. Can you bite other people? You can't let your chicken cross the road in Quitman, Georgia. Yes, that's actually a law. These ridiculous laws are found in California, New York, and here in Minnesota. We laugh at these things, but it's indicative of a greater problem. Government never rescinds anything. These laws get made for an actual issue in some moment in time, and no one ever visits them again. They should be revisited every decade so that all the junk and be removed. We go through some of the worst ones that we can find to prove our point (and have a good laugh).

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is trying to adopt California environmental standards. In one such move, they are trying to mandate that car dealers have a certain amount of electric vehicles in their inventory. They defend their position by saying that they are not demanding people buy them. They do believe, however, that by having enough supply, it will drive demand. I'm sorry, but economics is not driven by supply, it's driven by demand. There is no scarcity of electric vehicles. In fact, the Minnesota Auto Dealers Association is saying that they don't have a market for them. Yet, the state keeps pushing their broken agenda.

Also, in some accidental journalism, Democrat Dan Feehan (former opponent of Congressman Jim Hagedorn) is getting no bid contracts from his Democrat friends to handle the vaccine in southern Minnesota. Of course no one seems to care enough to report on it.

Lastly, today's Song of the Week results in a great discussion about the music industry, recording, and some great stories.

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