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Community Solutions Podcast

Feb 22, 2021 We continue with our discussion on The Great Reset. Last week we taught you what it is, now we tell you how it is going to affect you locally. Huge corporations are joining together with government to form public-private partnerships and decide exactly what rules others will have to play by. These public-private partnerships are creating ESG Goals (Environmental, Social, and Governance), based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Agenda 2030. There are 17 different categories of SDGs that boast to deliver a world where no one is left behind. There will be rules around water, land, air, food, health, inequalities, energy, and more. It will affect how products are shipped, what products you can get, and what kind of price controls are in place. What do any of these globalist corporations know about cities in rural Minnesota? I'd argue they know nothing about the suburbs either.

Banks are starting to write rules around who they will or will not do business with. If your business is not moving towards participating in a net zero economy (averaging no emissions), you will not be able to do business with these banks. Wells Fargo and Bank of America are already headed down this road. Even investment companies like BlackRock could hurt your bottom line. 48 companies are deciding for everyone else what constitutes racial justice in business. 50 global companies with the AARP are writing the rules on age in the workplace. They are also determining how to increase physical and mental health of the cities' populations. 9 cities and 70 organizations will be mandating how cities become more circular and green, leading to a net zero economy.

We have the makings of a treaty, but because its being implemented by corporations, they don't have to sign a treaty or observe constitutional principles. Who represents you in an oligarchy? The answer is no one. These companies don't care about you. They want to play ball with the governments, so that they get to write the regulations that will benefit them. Your opinions are not needed, nor are they wanted.

Also, when will Governor Tim Walz make everyone to go back to school? It's not that we should be in a rush to subject our children to the ever-worsening curriculum and push for equity, but the Teacher's Union keeps pushing to keep teachers out of the classroom, despite the science saying that it's relatively safe for them to return.

We also discuss the recent passing of talk radio icon, Rush Limbaugh, what his show meant to us... and our genre as a whole.

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