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Community Solutions Podcast

Mar 8, 2021 What's that, you say? You need more government? ...said no one ever. That's okay, the group you didn't ask for, the Central Mississippi River Regional Planning Partnership, is here to do things that you didn't know you needed. They are devising Framework 2030, which will give all sorts of planning direction for Big Lake, Monticello, Becker (and all of their townships), Silver Creek Township, and both Sherburne and Wright Counties. It is filled with both elected people and hired staff people. It covers housing, transportation, people, streets, parks, and whatever else they can get under their power. They aren't elected to take place in a regional government group, but they plan and push for change in the counties, cities, and townships that they represent.

They are drawing up a plan for land use for these communities. Isn't that the job of the city or township where you live? Why is a regional group deciding that for the people that you elected? They want to connect parks by using new and existing trails. They want to increase variety of housing stock using lifestyle housing to plan starter homes, high density housing, town homes, assisted living, but again... why is regional government needed to plan this? It keeps local governments in line, should they want to divert from the plan and do their own thing. Membership in the group puts pressure on the other members to stay a part of the club in good standing. They are planning what these communities need to look like by 2030, so it's here to stay unless you get involved and speak up now. The meetings are held from 7:30-9:30am on the 4th Thursday of the month. Good thing it's accessible to working people.

It's a budget year at the MN Capitol, so we're going to float... a bonding bill? We have a surplus, so we're going to take out debt. Governor Walz calls it the 2021 Local Jobs and Projects Plan. It calls for $240 million in general obligation bonds, $250 in appropriation bonds, and $28 million to be financed immediately. $43 million of this money is slated to go for security upgrades at the Capitol. That's the emergency in a non-bonding year? Or how about a second Amtrak train between Minneapolis and Chicago? Now how much would you pay? Don't worry, the Republicans are already more-or-less on board.

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