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Community Solutions Podcast

Mar 22, 2021 We've doled out $5 trillion over the last three relief bills. $5 billion will make its way to Minnesota governments. St Cloud is getting almost $16 million. Over $1 billion is going to Minnesota's 87 counties. $595 million is earmarked for just metro cities. $420 million is to be divided between Greater MN cities and townships. $420 million has been set aside for state capital projects. $245 million is going directly to Hennepin County. $281 million is going to Minneapolis over and above the amount going to Hennepin County... and we're just getting started. This money seems to be able to go to just about anything, except for reducing taxes, that is. There is so much money being thrown at each of the 50 states. Where are we coming up with this? We're printing all of it!

While we have almost no idea how this money will be spent, we have an idea of who is getting what. Businesses, farmers, and minorities are getting a chunk of this money (outside of the $1,400 stimulus checks). Farmers are getting debt relief... but only minority farmers. Will there be any kind of accountability or will it be hidden in cryptic entries on some balance sheet? It is time to make sure that we keep an eye on what they do before it's come and spent.

Walzy has been doing a bang up job with the whole COVID thing, at least if we listen to Minnesota media. Yet, things seem to be in shambles across the state. Dr. Scott Jensen is the first Republican to jump into the race for the Republicans, and he has been lambasted for his stance on masks, among other things. Once again, the media is carrying the Governor's water and running cover for him. Surprise, surprise, surprise...

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