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Community Solutions Podcast

Mar 29, 2021 Welcome to Crazytown, MN, population 7. You may know them as the Red Wing city council, but believe us, they're out of control. Control, however, is the name of their game. They are woke, they are autocratic, and they are thin skinned (I hope they don't listen to this podcast). The city council fired their police chief, Roger Pohlman, for some pretty strange reasons.

Red Wing is a charter city, which means that they have a charter (like a city constitution), and the council has reserved the right to hire and fire all department heads. Despite being in a pretty conservative area, they openly discussed defunding the police. Chief Pohlman did not care for this idea a whole heck of a lot. His hesitancy to fall in line was his ultimate undoing.

The city council members laid out a flimsy case to get rid of the former chief, which has resulted in the formation of a group that is focused on recalling the entire city council. Can this group pull this off? Is this the right strategy? We discuss what it takes to make lasting change at a city level and what charter changes would help to protect the residents from a woke city council.

We also discuss the first sixty-five days of the Biden administration, and the total pass that he is getting from the rest of the media along with the monthly history quiz.

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