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Community Solutions Podcast

Apr 5, 2021 Recently, the Anoka-Hennepin school district was sued for $300,000 from a transgender female student that wanted the right to change in the boys locker room, despite having a separate space provided for her. She is a fourteen year old child that doesn't have the freedom to get a tattoo, buy cigarettes, or drive a car. Yet, politicians, school districts, and businesses want to give then the right to make permanent, life-changing decisions without notifying parents. These "academics" have confused the issue so much, that it's a wonder that any of our children escape adolescence intact. The student won the lawsuit, thanks to her lawyer from the ACLU, David McKinney. This amazing attorney said that he hopes that the $300,000 settlement "puts every other school district in Minnesota on notice". That sounds like a threat to me.

We have seen the problems caused in the locker rooms, in sports, and in prison. There are so many recorded assaults in women's prisons by men that identify as women. MMA fighter, Fallon Fox, broke the skull of opponent, Tamika Brents. Tamika says that she's never been dominated like that. Normally, we'd call that battery or abuse. Transgender boys are dominating in high school track meets. It's happening here. There have also been cases in many other places across the US like Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Virginia. Madison, WI schools allows for students to pick new names and pronouns, and are prohibited from telling parents or guardians about it. Highland Local School District in Ohio, was faced with a suit about equal access to any bathroom. How do we stop this now that we've started down the slippery slope? We're losing a generation of our kids to this destructive doctrine. Our whole world feels upside down. Can we fix things before we are past the point of no return?

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