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Community Solutions Podcast

Apr 19, 2021 - It's a critical time in the Twin Cities right now. The Derek Chauvin trial is going on and the peace of the Twin Cities balances on the head of the pin. Enter another disastrous situation, as a Brooklyn Center officer pulled over a young man that had a warrant out for his arrest for attempted robbery. He resisted arrest and tried to flee the scene. In trying to restrain him, the officer accidentally pulled her gun instead of her taser. The city immediately exploded into complete bedlam. There was rioting, looting, and curfews from the get go. The mob wanted the officer and the police chief fired right away. City Manager, Curt Boganey, reminded everyone that the officer had a right to due process... he was immediately fired.

This was one of many terrible decisions from Mayor, Mike Elliot, and the city council. They voted to fire the police chief and the officer. They stripped their own police from being able to use crowd control tactics against protesters. Elliot was out with Keith Ellison while all sorts of chaos was erupting around him, talking about how calm it was, while he was in an army helmet. What? He also tried to appeal the prosecution to Caesar... I mean, Keith Ellison, because he didn't want Pete Orput, the Washington County Attorney to handle the case. Washington County is going to pursue 2nd degree manslaughter. We'll see if the mob will stand for that. This situation is far from over. Katie, bar the door...

Guess who's joining the Turtle Club? That's right, the purveyor of all things bad, St Louis Park! They sent out a postcard to residents that they are "considering" lowering the residential speed limits to 20mph. Then on the other side of the postcard, they say that the slower speed limits are coming. Which is it? Of course they have already spent a ton of money on employee hours, marketing, and having every street in the city mapped out. Sounds to us like the consideration is complete, as they copying other cities to join the 20 is Plenty program.

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