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Community Solutions Podcast

Apr 26, 2021 The Democrats in Washington DC are proposing a $2.3 Trillion infrastructure bill. Bills like this have a local effect. The President has proposed $621 Billion for bridges, roads, public transit, and rail service,. $400 Billion is being set aside on affordable healthcare for the elderly and disabled. That's infrastructure? $40 billion to upgrade outdated research labs. $50 billion for an office to oversee our supply chains.

But it gets worse (and less about COVID), as they give money to implement fair housing in cities. They want to withhold federal funds from cities that practice reverse segregation, and incentivize other cities to implement their urban planning dreams. I don't know of any cities that keep races of people apart. I'm pretty sure anyone can live wherever they like, so long as they can afford it. It's not about keeping minorities out of existing housing, however. That's completely dishonest. It's about urbanizing the suburbs, by removing zoning laws, not to allow for freedom, but to plan out the strategic placement of high density housing.

The Democrats have the ability to get a lot of this done. The Republicans will most likely force it to go through reconciliation, but there will still be a lot of bad stuff that passes in the final bill. Fire up the printers!

In other news, Brooklyn Center showed us every possible way on how not to manage an emergency. There were secret meetings, a curfew set minutes before they locked down for the night.

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