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Community Solutions Podcast

May 15, 2021

This week is a lightning round, where we discuss the local stories you need to know in order to keep them from happening in your city. In Brooklyn Center, Mayor Mike Elliot, proposed that a new public safety agency be created, along with a ban on arresting people during traffic stops. Violence against police (yes, even at traffic stops) is at epidemic proportions, yet Brooklyn Center (and they aren't alone) is going to send unarmed police officers into harm's way. Maybe Mayor Elliot should do a few ride-alongs.

The Northstar Rail line is back standing with its hand out. In 2020, ridership dropped 96%. Bureaucrats are worried that prices will go up for riders, if public subsidies aren't offered. A one way ticket from Big Lake to Minneapolis was $68.35, but has gone up to $87.79 Don't worry, riders only pay $6.25 for a one way ride. You pay the rest for the people that use this amenity.

Ottertail County isn't interested in hosting Governor Walz for the Governor's fishing opener. The real question... How many masks will he wear?

Edina Public Schools decided that a Tuesday night in the middle of May was a good time to hold a school referendum. A mere 5,448 votes were cast, cementing the fate of the estimated 2020 population of 52,857. That's pathetic. Hold an election in November when everyone is already at the polls. Makes the outcome less certain though, doesn't it? Enjoy those bus garages, parking lot changes, bandwidth, and firewalls. $7 million in deficit spending... that's an expensive meatball.

Roseville City Council has brought in an equity and inclusion consultant to work with city staff to come up with an Equity Action Plan to be reflected in the operation of all city departments.

Guess which metro city sounds the most racist.... and no episode is complete without a good laugh at New Hope.

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