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Community Solutions Podcast

Jun 15, 2021 It doesn't seem to matter what level of government we're talking about. They have more ways to tax you for your money than you are aware of. Everyone is aware of the city levy that is reflected in their property taxes, but that's just a small fraction. We like to talk about hidden taxes... ways that the city, county, school district, etc has to take your money without it showing upon your property tax statement. There are permits and licenses, Tax Increment Finance districts, bonding, sales taxes, and more. Property taxes are not directly determined by your property value. They are, rather, determined by what portion of the pie you are responsible for. There's all sorts of grants and state and federal tax dollars available to them as well.

Counties also get a lot of money from state and federal sources. They are responsible for county roads, Health and Human services (including MNSURE), law enforcement, environmental work, and more. They have two or more levies (property and HRA) and sales taxes. They also confiscate cash and material goods through civil asset forfeiture when there is a suspected crime (and many who are found innocent never get their things back). They can hand out and receive grant money as well.

The school district funding formula takes in so many different variables, that Einstein might have trouble figuring it out; Average Daily Membership, population, age of students, special education, free and reduced lunch... etc, etc. There is a lot of state and federal funding over and above the money they collect from the referendum you vote on. There is so much money flying around, it's a wonder you have any left for you!

We also try to answer the question... why has MNDOT decided to work on every freeway at once? I mean, really... why is everything closed? This is some of the worst project planning we've ever seen.

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