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Community Solutions Podcast

Jul 18, 2021 Unless you've been hiding in your basement bunker, you've had to have heard about the uproar around school districts' teaching of critical theory. Parents are up in arms around the country, and fighting back against these school boards for control over the curriculum being taught to their children.

Critical theory comes to us from the Frankfort school, which were communists that were at odds with the National Socialists (Nazis) in Germany, losing out to Adolph Hitler. They set up shop in our universities, and developed critical theory, because the United States would never accept classical Marxism (the financial theory) without changing the value system of our society. They believed that they could find a disaffected population that could be convinced that they were "oppressed" and turn them against "their oppressors".

It's not good enough to be "not racist". You have to be trained to be antiracist, which means that you actively fight against racism, including using discrimination against the "oppressors" to level the playing field. I'm sorry, discrimination is wrong no mater who is doing it to who. There are 51 recall efforts where parents are targeting 130 elected members of school boards. They have had enough, and want for their children to be free from this racist philosophy. Are there enough of us to beat it back?

Also... It's history week. Can Jason equal last month's achievement?

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