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Community Solutions Podcast

Jan 28, 2022  You know how we say that regional government has it's tentacles everywhere? Enter the Central Mississippi Regional Planning Partnership. Everyone thinks about the Metropolitan Council in the Twin Cities, but most of the state is under regional government through the Minnesota Association of Development Organizations (MADO). The Central Mississippi Regional Planning Partnership fills a void that's not covered by MADO or the Met Council. They have come up with a bold vision for a "complete region", based on the always errant population forecasts.

These bold visions always ask for additional walking and bike paths that are interconnected with regional trails. They push life cycle housing, urbanizing our small towns. They try to sell "placemaking", where they center development around certain planning concepts, like mixed use development, transit, and cloistered communities. This group is meant to consolidate government and increase its power. It is not interested in diverse voices. We need to make government local again. That's the only way we have a say in our future.

We also give you an update on the "Hutch" Hutchinson drunk Driving debacle. Guess what? Apparently he says that he wasn't driving... it was a cab driver! I guess the case is solved. Don't worry, he won't see any repercussions.

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