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Community Solutions Podcast

Mar 17, 2022

www.commsolutionsmn- The MN State Legislature is moving on a new public safety bill. Governor Walz and Lieutenant Governor Flanagan are on tour around the state to tout their new bill; The Plan to Protect Minnesotans Health And Safety. It includes the following ideas: investing in community organizations, police reforms, a state-wide violent crime initiative, and that every Minnesotan deserves healthcare, a place to call home, breathable air, and drinkable water. How's that for an over-bloated bill? Even the Republicans are proposing their own $65 Million COPS program. Thanks for standing up for fiscal responsibility, guys.

Here's the reality, when these people talk about stopping violent crime, they really mean setting other criminals free to commit other crimes. You have to look at what they are not saying here. They are using code language to tell you their values by omission. This is a $300 million grant program going to organizations that promote probation, youth services, truancy programs, elder abuse prevention, neighborhood watches, resident engagement, and community-driven intervention and prevention strategies. What does any of that mean? They also want a more diverse police force. It also seeks to start a "Green Bank" to fight climate change. All of this "free" money will be flowing in to our counties, cities, and townships, creating unfunded mandates that you'll have to fund forever.

We also discuss our take on the State of the Union, the war in Ukraine, the factions of fascism, and the the play for world domination. Sounds like another award-winning podcast!

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