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Community Solutions Podcast

Mar 24, 2022 Just when you think that we've talked about the stupidest thing on the face of the planet, we blow even our own expectations. I-94 is going to need some major repairs to bring it into the future, but Our Streets Minneapolis and MNDOT have a great idea. We need to rip out I-94 completely and replace it with the Twin Cities Boulevard. What? So we're going to take one of the busiest corridors in all of the city, with hospitals, sports stadiums, and two major downtown business centers, and just remove the freeway that moves most of those vehicles from point "A" to point "B". They would like to have a boulevard with stop lights instead, and push all the traffic to 694 and 494.

The MN Department of Transportation (MNDOT) has had their "Rethinking I-94" in the works for years. They are working with groups like Our Streets Minneapolis to develop alternatives to I-94, so that communities can be reconnected. There isn't anyone around that remembers when I-94 was built, and is clamoring for a simpler day. It's just not true. The activists say that highways are racist. What isn't nowadays? It's not just in the Twin Cities either... Duluth wants to remove part of I-35 too. The manipulation is off the charts and it's obscene. Take the survey on MNDOT's website and make your voice heard now. Soon, it will be too far down the line to stop.

Also, the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers is pushing for a 20% pay increase, plus a whole host of other unreasonable demands. They actually have the gall to claim that it's for the kids. It's time to get your kids out of that district while there is still time.

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