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Community Solutions Podcast

May 24, 2022 Our public education system is in shambles. Most people would go find another solution, but they have worked hand in hand with government to shut out every other option. So while there are other types of schools, the rewards to attend public schools make the hurdles to try other forms way too high. We see graduation rates lowered. Electives are being removed, and it hurts students from finding their way into trades they might enjoy. Kids spend less time in school today than ever before. Public school is rife with social-emotional learning, Critical Theory, Comprehensive sex education, and all sorts of things that have nothing to do with preparation for life.

School choice may be one of the biggest issues for the next few years. Parents have to be able to choose to put their kids in a public, private, charter, or home school. They have to be free to find programs that fit their kids interests and abilities. As long as government and teacher's unions have a stranglehold on the way our kids get educated, then we are never going to see an incentive to change the direction that big education is headed in. There's got to be a much better way of doing this. Send us your ideas!

We also discuss an article on Yahoo News that accuses Fox News for bolstering the Russian war on Ukraine. They claim reasons like talking about the border and criticizing President Biden. There’s so much disinformation floating around. Who’s propaganda is closest to the truth? There’s a fight for a reassigning of the current world power structure, and the good ol’ U.S. of A. is not trying to stay on top.  …and Jason goes on another rant about today’s popular music. You will get off his lawn.

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