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Community Solutions Podcast

Aug 14, 2023

Golden Valley is a mess. In their pursuit for "equity" they are destroying the city. They wrote an equity plan that required all contractors looking to do business in Golden Valley to answer certain equity-related questions. They put equity ahead of fairness and have a plan to ensure things work that way. Equity has become the foremost standard in hiring police officers, which by the way, they are at 50% capacity. Scott Nadeau (a whitey) was the interim police chief, wanted the job, and was passed over for Virgil Green (who is black). Mayor Shep Harris influenced the decision toward Green. Jesse Smith (who was on a city equity-based task force) encouraged people to find dirt on Nadeau and engage in race-based hiring. Are hiring quotas a fair way to grow a workforce?

They acknowledge that Golden Valley is built on stolen Native American land, but don't do a dang thing to give the land back. Put your money where your mouth is. Why aren't they doing anything about it? Because they're not serious about it. They're spouting off empty words so that they sound like they are embracing woke values without having to live by them. Shep isn't running for election, so who will be the face of Golden Valley? They continue to move hard to the left, and the people complain. Yet they keep voting for these results. How about trying something different? These things are coming to your town if you aren't aware. Now is the time to plan a run in 2024. If you have odd year elections, get in now! Don't risk taking one more step backwards.

We also discuss the recent revelations in the Hunter Biden debacle. The news and the documents supporting these claims have been public knowledge for a couple of years, but only now is the discussion being forced into the mainstream of American discourse. What took so long? Why are they finally having to talk about this? We give our opinions on all of this.

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