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Community Solutions Podcast

Dec 22, 2017 In this episode, Jason and Andrew give you some insight into what happens when political parties get involved in nonpartisan politics. Aren't these elections "supposed" to be nonpartisan? Yet one party has had a massive ground game to fill these local seats for decades, and it has worked. Here is evidence of such action. The DFL (local and Kieth Ellison's office) and Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation (AFL/CIO) called a secret meeting in our beloved Crystal that we got wind of. Well, we invited everyone to go! This meeting was designed to turn people against the current nonpartisan city council, and look for possible Democrat candidates to run against them in 2018. Well, we kinda threw a wrench in their plans. These seats are supposed to remain local, and not sold to the will of some party machine. Here is an account of some of the things we heard about this meeting. You can be sure that this is also happening where you live. This is how they gain and keep control of these offices.