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Community Solutions Podcast

Jan 11, 2018 In this episode, Jason and Andrew discuss the history of the Metropolitan (or Met) Council. Te Met Council was created in 1967, pursuant to federal legislation. It gave the organization the power to manage wastewater treatment networks. It's powers have grown incrementally by state statute to include transportation, land use, housing, and parks. Do you know if its creation was at the hands of republicans or democrats? Are you sure of that answer? This organization wants to grow from seven counties to eleven. It's never enough power. This podcast is not only useful if you live in that eleven county area. It is also useful if you live in out-state MN, as you have the Minnesota Association of Development Organizations (MADO) and its ten member regional development organizations doing much of the same work. The legislature must limit its power at the very least, or at the very most #endthemet!