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Community Solutions Podcast

Mar 14, 2018 Jason and Andrew discuss the Gateway Corridor (or Gold Line) project along I-94, from St. Paul to Woodbury. Again, we see the same things proposed as the Blue Line Extension and Southwest Line: catering to big business, a huge price tag, Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)... and they are full steam ahead, no matter what the residents have to say. They have opted to use Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) over Light Rail Transit (LRT), but the tax bill will still be huge. Whether this is the right option for the right place or not, you need to see that these projects have to have the same things incorporated as the other lines. This is to meet the qualifications for Federal grant money. So if you hear about an upcoming transit corridor for your area, you had better pay attention! Even more so, search out their plans early in order to have a voice in the conversation.

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