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Community Solutions Podcast

Mar 21, 2018 In this episode of the Community Solutions Podcast, Jason and Andrew delve into the topic of government conspiracies. How do they happen? Is there any truth to them? What can governments do differently to help prevent rumors and conspiracies from forming? We pick two popular conspiracies (the moon landing and JFK), tear them apart, and try to figure out why they remain mysteries to this day. We'd love to hear your take in the comments below. It's all in fun this week, so please share!

Have you checked out our new Spotify playlist? At the beginning of each episode Jason quotes some song lyrics that have to do with the subject matter of the podcast. Andrew never knows what they are, but now he can… and so can you! We just launched the Spotify playlist: “Community Solutions Music From the Podcast“! You can listen to Roundabout from Yes after listing to Episode 30 on Roundabouts… or kick back and enjoy a rocking playlist just for the thrill of it. We add a new song every week. Subscribe and enjoy!

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