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Community Solutions Podcast

Apr 25, 2018 In this episode, we discuss the local initiative and referendum process. We've seen two extremes occur where local city councils have nullified petitions in dubious ways to stifle the voice of it's residents. Then there are cases like California that seem to have an endless number of referendums on the ballot every election. So, when is it good to employ and when is it not? Is there a healthy way to employ this strategy to keep the government close to the people without overthrowing the representative republic we've been gifted with? We try to tackle that question on this podcast.

We also do a Local Lowdown segment on our new (least) favorite city government, St. Louis Park. They have done a lot of things that we disagree with. They have used questionable methods to pass controversial ordinances. They have violated their charter, or at least the spirit of it. Now they have passed the first reading of an ordinance to implement Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). We discuss how they got here, where the city council stands, and how we anticipate this going down if you don't stand up and confront them.

Have you checked out our Spotify playlist? At the beginning of each episode Jason quotes some song lyrics that have to do with the subject matter of the podcast. Andrew never knows what they are, but now he can… and so can you! We just launched the Spotify playlist: “Community Solutions Music From the Podcast“! You can listen to Roundabout from Yes after listing to Episode 30 on Roundabouts… or kick back and enjoy a rocking playlist just for the thrill of it. We add a new song every week. Subscribe and enjoy!

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