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Community Solutions Podcast

May 30, 2018 The Minnesota Legislature had been arguing over a $825 million bonding bill that looked to fund all sorts of great projects all over the state. From pet projects in Brooklyn Park to Minneapolis, Rochester, Duluth, Dayton, Inver Grove Heights, Warroad (and the list goes on and on)... money is being spent like they're printing it. $122 million was included in affordable housing money. Housing is a local issue, even though the Met Council tries to orchestrate how it looks. A large sum was given to local roads. Money was given to the Met Council to dole out in grants. Where does it end? It doesn't matter what party is in control. They both spend money like drunken sailors, and that's an insult to drunken sailors. How do we stop this? Where are the elected representatives with any sense of principles or responsibility to their constituents' money? Does it even matter who we elect? Whether this bill passes in the end, or Gov Dayton vetoes it, you see where the legislature's priorities are. I'd put my bet on pork futures after listening to this podcast.

In the Local Lowdown, we discuss the recent creation of a Racial Equity Plan in Edina. (Spoiler Alert for a future podcast: Edina is only one of several cities in Minnesota that are creating these... and it's driven by a national special interest group.) This stems from an incident in Edina where a minority pedestrian was handcuffed by police. In a city that is 88% white, they want to see more minorities involved in city government, matching higher Hennepin County percentages. They also want to change the housing policies to recruit more minorities to come live in Edina. It is a strange experiment in social engineering and social justice that needs some further investigation.

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