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Community Solutions Podcast

Jun 20, 2018 Many cities have decided that there are too many white people involved in city government. I know, it's kind of a shocking statement to start all of this with, but it's what a lot of these cities are saying. Cities are racing over themselves to cry racism and white privilege when it comes to inclusion in city government and the way services are administered. Cities across Minnesota (and across the country) are using the same template to design equity task forces and racial equity plans.  That's because one special interest group, The Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE), is pushing it everywhere. Here's the real question... if there are problems in the way that minorities have been treated by city government, isn't it because of the failure of the people currently running that city's government? They want to solve this the only way good progressives know how: by creating a special program that creates special spots for minorities in the government. This says to us that government believes that minorities can't do it on their own, but need their help to be involved in government. We believe they are talented enough to do whatever they dang well please, and we lay it all out for you in this episode.

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