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Community Solutions Podcast

Jul 11, 2018 What's in a name? Are names important? Is it important to remember our history, even when it's uncomfortable? Should we only name things after people that have no blemishes? I'd like you to find me that perfect person. Would those on the right and left ever agree on someone in this day and age? Sports teams are changing their names and their mascots.  It's also happening locally with our lakes and our schools. Lake Calhoun became Bde Maka Ska? They want to rename Patrick Henry High School and Ramsey Middle School? What do people even know about John C Calhoun, Alexander Ramsey, and Patrick Henry? They are certainly flawed people, but aren't we all? We judge people of the past on 21st century morals. We erase all the negative out of our past, but whitewashing it only means that we can't learn from it. Radicals are trying to push everything out of the public sphere that they disagree with from elected politicians to popular businesses. How far is too far?

In the Local Lowdown, we also discuss a new luxury apartment complex with (you guessed it) a sweetheart Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district to prop up the deal. We also discuss In the Robbinsdale School District, Patsy Green is not seeking re-election, and she thinks that you're not paying enough in taxes to the school district.

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