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Community Solutions Podcast

Jul 18, 2018 In the early 20th century, the United States went through a huge economic boom. it defined the decade... the Roaring 20's. The opportunity to buy an automobile was an important part of that. People bought them in such numbers that they changed the face of our country. Roads were built to accommodate the flood of cars that were being swooped up by middle income families. The car brought a new level of freedom, allowing people to get wherever they wanted to go, whenever they wanted to go there, and get there faster. Cars became central to the American experience. We have car shows to celebrate the cars of the past and the cars of the future. Who doesn't drool over a '67 Shelby GT500? There are multiple groups, however, that want to restrict the use of cars, whether it is by creating a complete street, restricting parking, writing a complex set of laws that favor other modes of transportation, or publicly shaming drivers without any shred of compassion.

So what is the answer? According to these people, it is to put more people and more types of transportation into the same corridors. Dockless bike sharing and dockless scooter sharing are becoming the new rage among these trendy cities that want to get listed among "America's 10 Most Yuppie Cities", or something like that. Some other cities actually promote "car-free living" or "open streets". As a driver, like it or not, you are a target of the political environmentalists and the alternative transportation crowds.

Also on the Local Lowdown, Minneapolis is looking at implementing City ID cards. The city council states that it will meet certain constituency needs. The state of Minnesota already makes ID cards (with the green stripe at the top) available to those that don't have a driver's license. Are these just a way to get people a way to vote that aren't allowed to? Is it a way to limit people driving into the city? We discuss it all this week.

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