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Community Solutions Podcast

Aug 22, 2018 Chances are you haven't heard of the Vision Zero Network yet, but a whole mess of cities across the United States are implementing their policies into their future planning and ordinances. What is it? Their stated goal is "to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all." Of course Minneapolis has jumped on board and included it in their new 2040 comprehensive plan. Minneapolis is already completely unnavigable.  It is a virtual obstacle course driving on their streets. That's exactly what we need, narrower lanes, choke points at intersections, lower speed limits, speed bumps, roundabouts... sounds like a recipe for road rage. You need to be aware of this program, because now that Minneapolis has adopted it, it can easily make it into St Paul, St Louis Park, Edina, Golden Valley, and then down to the your suburb. I mean who doesn't want to eliminate accidents? We all do, but that doesn't mean that this is the way to do it. We shine some light on this extremely expensive and restrictive program.

In the Local Lowdown, the city of Victoria was slapped with 38 open meeting law violations in 2014. The law is very clear about when and how a quorum of elected officials can communicate with each other. All of the council members that were indicted have been removed from office... right? Right? You will have to listen in to find out. Also, Andrew makes some bold and very wrong primary predictions (Jason, however, inadvertently nails the governor's race).

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