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Community Solutions Podcast

Sep 5, 2018 Today, we welcome a friend of the show, and candidate for Sherburne County Commissioner District 2, Paul Seefeld. He comes by the show to talk about his ongoing campaign against the sitting mayor of Big Lake. He discusses his time on the Big Lake Comprehensive Plan task force, and the city's attempt to lead the task force into predetermined results. We talk transparency, debt, taxes, transportation, and Big Lake's plans to annex parts of Big Lake Township into the city limits (and increased taxes). He also lays out some distinct differences between him and his opponent. Definitely listen in before you fill in the bubble on November 6th. Even if you don't reside in Sherburne County, it will help you to identify issues in your county and ask the right questions of those that are seeking your vote (or have already been voted into office).

In the Local Lowdown, New Hope appoints a new city council member to take over for Eric Lammle, who's departure has the appearance of manipulating the state statute to avoid a special election. It is shameful how cities do this, just to avoid the people electing a dissenting voice to their club... but it happens all the time.

Also, Crystal takes another step in civic leadership with fresh new ideas as they begin to look at getting rid of most of their pet licenses.

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