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Community Solutions Podcast

Sep 26, 2018 We've told the story about what's happened in Crystal many times. So, what happens when one of the good ones decides not to run for re-election? How does a candidate build upon what's been accomplished and still make a case that he or she can bring something to the table to add to the positive direction a city, county, or school district is already headed in? We bring in David Seffren, who is running for the Ward 1 city council seat in Crystal. David is a long time Crystal resident who served on the City Code Task Force. We discuss how far Crystal has come over the many years he has called the city home, and how he plans to come alongside and enhance the current progress the city has made toward being transparent and responsible to the residents it serves. We talk about debt and taxation, creating a vibrant business community, communicating with residents, revising the city code, developing a sense of community, and more.

In the Local Lowdown, we breakdown the mayoral race in Eden Prairie, where we have council member, Brad Aho, running against fellow council member, Ron Case, to fill the open seat being vacated by the current mayor, Nancy Tyra-Lukens. This is an important race for the folks down in Eden Prairie if 2nd Amendment issues are important to you. Brad Aho was the only one who stood up against the moratorium on new firearms stores being opened in the city. His opponent not only approved of the measure, but said that gun owners have a visceral reaction to seeing big "guns for sale" signs, making them visibly excited. Your choice here is clear.

Also we discuss an issue in West Albany Township, near Lake City, where the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (our friends that brought us the MN Green Step Cities program) is holding public hearings on whether a farmer should be allowed to expand his dairy farm. The MPCA claims jurisdiction over the farm's expansion due to ground water and air quality concerns. Where does the power of these radical environmentalists stop? If people in the area are concerned, why isn't the township board of supervisors taking up the matter? The MPCA is out of control, and I hope the next governor will reign them in.

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