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Community Solutions Podcast

Oct 31, 2018 Why do groups like the MN Pollution Control Agency push speculative environmental policies on cities and counties? Where does that come from? Back in 1993, our super conservative, Republican governor, Arne Carlson mandated that the Environmental Quality Board come up with a plan to address sustainable behavior in Minnesota, based on Bill Clinton's Council on Sustainability. They came up with the primer, Sustainable Environment- The Very Idea. The Environmental Quality Board is an arm of the MN Pollution Control Agency that uses programs like MN Green Step Cities to convince local governments to implement "green" policies in development, roads, transportation, housing, and anything else they can get their grubby little mitts on. Wait until you see what is inside this document!

We also discuss the whole early voting phenomena, looking at how close early voting begins to the primaries, and whether that gives us enough time to really get to know the candidates. It certainly doesn't give us enough time to get to know local candidates. Local races always get overshadowed by the larger races. Nonpartisan candidates deserve to have the opportunity to be fully vetted before someone casts a ballot. Once a vote is given, it can not be changed. Candidate forums often don't occur until well after early votes come rolling in. Early voting isn't going away, so how do we change the structure of an election cycle to fit it? Give us your $o.o2 on this topic! 

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