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Community Solutions Podcast

Nov 8, 2018 I know, we just had an election and everyone wants to hear our take on it. We will definitely have our breakdown for you very soon. Since it's now budget season, we thought we'd help you shift gears while we pull together our expert analysis.

Creating a budget is one of the main responsibilities of any city, county, or school board. Most of them all do their budgeting the same way. Baseline budgeting is a concept where you start figuring out your budget for next year, using your last year's budget as a starting point, or a baseline. You have to use your entire budget, in order to make a case that you deserve that money next year.

The alternative is called zero based budgeting. It's where you figure out your next year's budget from (gasp) zero, making a case for only what you need to spend. Why doesn't government use this method? What are the advantages of each method? To know what is best for your county, city, or school district, you've got to understand each approach. We break them down here so that you can start the discussion back home... and maybe keep some of your own money in the process.

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