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Community Solutions Podcast

Nov 21, 2018 In Minnesota, many counties (and a handful of cities) have been implementing a transportation sales tax. It can be a quarter or a half cent tax. Of course most counties have chosen the half cent. Counties also have a choice to implement a wheelage tax. Of course, fifty-four counties have taken the state up on that. These taxes are reserved for use on transportation and roads. This is on top of the gas tax, tabs, state aid, and any general assessments or property taxes set aside for this purpose. What are these taxes and how are they charged? Everything with wheels get charged... except bicycles (go figure). We break down which MN counties have implemented what tax and how much. You'll be surprised as some of Minnesota's most "conservative" counties are just as bad as the most liberal.

We also discuss the bi-annual movement of deck chairs on the political ship. Some city council people became mayors, some mayors became county board members. This will leave some holes come January. Minnesota law allows for appointments and special elections in certain situations. First off, if you are not a charter city, and you give over all of your organizational sovereignty to the state legislature, that needs to change. Secondly, appointments only serve to put someone in power that agrees with the current government, so that they can run an incumbent in the next election. Special elections allow the people to choose who represents them. That is the way it should be handled, but too many governments don't care about you. They care about maintaining the status quo. Also we find out what chaps Jason's hide about how we run school referendum elections.

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