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Community Solutions Podcast

Jan 10, 2019 Picture a typical family looking for their first home. The excitement of the search, the satisfaction of stepping into their new house... yeah, we're going to burst your bubble. Housing is not some organic outgrowth of customer demand that brings joy and wonder to everybody. In fact, there is nothing organic about it. It is an industry that has been manipulated, contrived, and designed by developers, manufacturers, special interests, and all levels of government (Federal, state, regional, county, and city/township).

The Metropolitan Council tries to force a certain amount of certain types of housing in every city in the metro based on their faulty population growth projections. In out-state Minnesota, government still uses a great deal of power to dictate what kind of housing is to be built and how much of it. Green technologies, trends like life cycle housing, and available funding like bonds, Tax Increment Financing (TIF), and tax abatements all set the tone. Listen in and be amazed at how little freedom is actually found in the housing industry. Then get on your local planning commission and make a difference!!!

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