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Community Solutions Podcast

Jan 16, 2019 As drivers, we've always had to learn to share the road with other cars, buses, semi trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, pedestrians, and in some places like Proctor, MN a motorized La-Z-Boy. As time marches on, we've had to learn to deal with other challenges like bike lanes, roundabouts, and car no-go zones. It's all a grand plan to make driving as difficult as possible, so that you take more "environmentally friendly" modes of transportation or move into high density communities where you can walk everywhere you need to go. It's all part of the war on cars, and it's not some theoretical battle for ideas. These things are actually being implemented without much of any public discourse whatsoever.

Where are these ideas coming from? How are they being funded? Why are they getting so much traction? Special interest groups, like the Bike Alliance of Minnesota, Minnesota Mayoral Active Transportation Caucus or League of American Cyclists have come after local governments to force their will upon unsuspecting residents of those cities. These groups are pushing harder than ever, despite a declining of biking in cities across the nation. If it's declining in big cities, why is it still being pushed, even in smaller ones? Cities are taking up the cause and creating official groups to advise the city council and create bike-friendly policy. Why are the majority of people funding the activities of a tiny minority? Pay for your own! The truth is, biking is too often a status symbol of elitists that want to use their transportation choice to preach to you how to live.

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