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Community Solutions Podcast

Jun 21, 2019 We have done development the same way for a long, long time. Since the beginning of the development of zoning laws, conventional zoning has separated development types by usage (Residential low-density, Residential high-density, Commercial, Industrial, and Agricultural). It is the reason your house isn't next door to a restaurant on one side, a warehouse on the other, and across the street from a ___. Good or bad, this has been the way things have been. That is all beginning to change. Enter Form-Based Codes... for a long time, we have been talking about mixed use development and placemaking (creating little cloisters from which we don't need to venture out very far or very often). These are concepts that are driven by Form-Based Codes. Form based codes do not separate development by uses, but rather bring a mix of uses into a single place and controlling the look and feel of that place. Whereas conventional zoning supplies recommendations (maximum size of a business sign or maximum height of a garage), Form-Based Codes make rigid regulations, and plan out every little detail of what is acceptable (and unacceptable) in the place they are creating. This new method of development is being pushed upon large and small communities alike. They say that this type of development promotes equity, but it really promotes government control of every aspect of your life.

We also discuss the movement by some Minnesota counties to remove more driving lanes, in favor of creating new bike lanes. Hennipen and Ramsey counties are leading the way, but they are not alone in ruining Minnesota's roads.

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