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Community Solutions Podcast

Feb 7, 2019 In cities and small towns all over the nation, we see urban planning concepts popping up like developing high density housing, bike paths, and traffic calming measures. There are a number of groups that are pushing for these changes everywhere. One of the main groups advocating for these changes in communities everywhere is The Congress for the New Urbanism. They are a well-funded group that pushes a philosophy of higher density, sustainable development, and the war on cars. They set policy that groups like the Met Council, MADO, and The League of Minnesota Cities adopt and foist on cities that don't suspect that some think tank that knows nothing about their city is giving direction on how to bring (and teaching how to sell) these out-of-touch cities into the new era of enlightenment. You didn't even know this was happening.

In this week's Local Lowdown, we discuss the recent DWI arrest of Val Johnson, the sitting mayor of New Brighton. Will her conscience get the best of her and cause her to resign? Are you kidding? We also tell you all about an 85 question student survey that is launching today (2/6/19) in ISD 728 (Elk River, Zimmerman, Otsego, Rogers) that is full of super invasive questions about drugs, sexual orientation, and gender identification. After hearing the questions we present to you, you may want to make sure your child opts-out. But hey... this is the school board you elected. I wouldn't re-elect a single member that didn't come out against this, but hey... that's just me. 

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