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Community Solutions Podcast

Feb 13, 2019 Minnesota loves its sports teams. I mean with such a long tradition of being just good enough to grab your interest and then turn around break your hearts, it takes a special kind of fan to keep coming back for more. I'm as big of a sucker for football as the next guy, but this next topic is enough to make you want to help them pack next time they want a new stadium. This is some of the worst of corporate welfare that you ever will see. Government ruins everything when they get involved, sports included. Even if you hate sports, you will love this podcast, because it will give you yet another reason for your misunderstood position. Enter groups like the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority and the Minnesota Ballpark Authority. These groups (and even individual municipalities) own, operate, and maintain most stadiums. (Yeah, who knew the teams didn't even own their own buildings? No wonder taxpayers are funding them.) It also serves as a pretext for building new transit and development schemes, allowing the government to seize even more in taxes. It's all connected, and we show you how, and discuss how we might be able to change the situation.

In the Local Lowdown, we congratulate our friends in Crystal on their recent Star Tribune #2 ranking on their Metro area Hot Housing Index. It's amazing what getting rid of a little regulation, freeing up the business climate for everyone, and reducing a whole bunch of debt can do for a city's housing stock. Also, St. Paul City Council is so upset with four murals in their City Hall that they are going to take them down... ok, they aren't that upset, but they are going to put other artwork in front of them from time to time.

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