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Community Solutions Podcast

Dec 13, 2019 I know... we're a Minnesota-centric show. We always say, however, that what goes on here is happening everywhere. National special interests pass along their policies through the National League of Cities to the state Leagues to the cities themselves. Can this be true? We take a look at South Bend, Indiana. No one is talking about Mayor Pete Buttigieg's job in the Midwestern town, so we will. It's kind of important to know his mayoral record, since he is running for president. It's also important that we start to connect the dots to show that these cities are all the same. The South Bend website looks like a campaign piece for "Mayor Pete". Is that even legal? All the favorites are here... equity, transit funding, war on cars, affordable housing, climate action plans, biking, complete streets, and more. Between that and the gang violence, the good mayor is doing a smash up job. You will see that South Bend is no different than the average Minnesota city. Now what are you going to do about it?

In the Local Lowdown,some idiot physically assaulted an educational assistant at Robbinsdale Armstrong high school, while some "hero" broadcast it on social media. The kicker? It was his first day back from suspension... for fighting. Real classy. Speaking of which, unruly teens brought about the end of New Hope's Duk Duk Days for good. I guess enforcing the law is just too hard.

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